Woven Construction

Since each bag is handwoven, there will be minute variations in the bag
patterns caused by the human element. This is part of the charm of our native
chic handbags.

Since bags are made from natural fibers, there are slight variations in the
texture and/or color. This is due to water content, maturity of leaves, and
general environmental elements. This is considered normal and inherent in
naturally produced products.

Some bags incorporate leather or snakeskin. As with any animal material, the
final product is contingent upon the condition of the hides. Slight variations in
color or texture are normal.
With any natural products, colors and textures may change with use.

Cleaning and Longevity

Cleaning should be done with a slightly damp towel and gently patting the
needed area.  Avoid any oils and cleansing agents as they are too harsh and
can damage the fibers.  Tixxi bags arrive with a colorfast and fiber protection

Avoid prolong direct sunlight as natural materials are sensitive to extreme sun
which can cause fading or cracking.  Normal outdoor wear and use is fine.  
"Prolonged" is defined by constant direct stream like a sunbeam or left in an
unshaded area.

Consider the weight of the contents.
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